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Your training state
Muscle fatigue & workout streak charts

Visualize your workouts over time with an interactive calendar. See your muscle fatigue based on recent workouts, and know what to target next.

Log exercises, sets, and weights with ease

Legend provides the best experience to log sets, reps, and weight lifted, to save time, and help you focus on training. Indicate warm up sets, drop sets, and failure sets.

Guide progression in
real-time with 1300+ exercises

Struggle to remember previous performance with reps and weight lifted? Legend shows you historic reps, weight, and trend charts for every exercise.

Workout and exercise notes & timers

Keep track of key events during workouts, experiences while exercising, and notes to improve. Use countdown timers to track time under tension and more - with audio cues for time intervals.

Overall performance analytics + muscle groups and exercises

Understanding progress is tricky. We either think we're making no progress or we think we're gaining more than we actually are. Legend provides deep analytics on overall performance, muscle group specific performance, and performance per exercise - including:

  • Total sets

  • Total reps

  • Max weight (Personal best)

  • Total weight moved

  • Trend charts: Maximum reps and weight

  • Most recent rep and weight maxes

Compare performance between workouts

Small increments add up to massive gains. Compare your performance between workouts and when you achieve personal bests.

Explore, create and evolve routines as you go

Knowing what exercise to do, and when to do them wastes time, causes demotivation, and introduces imbalance in training goals. Explore our tried and trusted routine library, or customize your own.

Generate routines based on your goals

Legend lets you create variety and excitement by generating routines based on the muscle fatigue or muscles you want to target, strength / endurance goals, time available, and equipment available.

Import workouts from Strong, Hevy, and custom files

Legend lets you import your historic workout data, and calculate your deep analytics from it. Simply export your data as a file, then upload it in the Legend app.

"What an awesome app!It's quick to log workouts reps, sets and intuitive so it tracks your loads, personal bests and last weight/reps from previous exercises"

WillowsZA, iPhone

"I'm genuinely impressed by the way my stats are presented in Legend.
As a dedicated gym enthusiast, I take pride in my progress, and the app's layout and stat presentation resonate with me"

Jam, Android

Available on iPhone and Android

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Available on iPhone and Android