Workout Tracker

The workout tracker for athletes serious about strength training

  • Log reps & weight lifted

  • Track & analyze progress

  • Evolve exercises & routines

Less thinking, more lifting

How many reps did I do last time? What was my max weight for this exercise? How long have I been stuck at this weight? Should I try a different exercise for this muscle group? Legend solves these problems and more.

No more forgetting what you did last time
Legend show progress beyond the mirror
Legend helps maintain training consistency

Log reps, weight lifted, and more

Legend provides the best experience to log sets, reps, and weight lifted, to save time, and help you focus on training. Indicate warm up sets, drop sets, and failure sets.

  • Log reps, weight, time, distance, and more

  • Mark warm up, drop, super, and failure sets

  • See when you beat your personal best

Guide progress with real-time analytics

Struggle to remember previous exercises, reps, and weight lifted? Legend shows your historic performance and helps you beat your limits.

  • See reps and weight from previous workouts

  • See your progress over time in charts

  • Write notes, tips, add links, and more

See detailed performance analytics

Understanding progress is tricky. We either think we're making no progress or we think we're gaining more than we actually are. Legend provides deep analytics on overall performance, muscle group specific performance, and performance per exercise, including:

  • Total sets & reps

  • Max weight lifted / personal best

  • Total volume lifted

  • Trend charts over time

  • Most recent reps and weight

  • Compare muscle groups, to identify weak areas

  • Compare performance between workouts

Visualize your consistency

Visualize your workouts over time with an interactive calendar. See your muscle fatigue based on recent workouts, and know what to target next.

  • Stay consistent with workout streaks

  • See muscle fatigue & know what to target next

  • Male and female anatomy models available

Create and evolve your routines

Legend provides a range of routines and workout plans to help you get started. You can also create your own routines.

  • Choose from bodybuilding, powerlifting, and more

  • Create and customize your repeatable routines

  • Update and evolve your routines as you progress

Generate tailored routines

Generate routines based on your goals, the muscles you want to target and any constraints you have.

  • Choose your target muscle groups

  • Choose available equipment

  • Choose your available time

Import your workouts from other apps

Legend supports importing workouts from Hevy, Strong, and custom files.

  • Import from Strong

  • Import from Hevy

  • Import from spreadsheets

Athletes love Legend

We aim to provide the most easy to use and powerful workout tracker for strength training. And we pride ourselves on listening to your ideas and implementing them as quickly as possible. But don't just take our word for it, here's what athletes in our community have to say.

  1. WillowsZA

    "What an awesome app! It's quick to log workouts reps, sets and intuitive so it tracks your loads, personal bests and last weight/reps from previous exercises."

    Apple App Store

  2. Jam

    "I'm genuinely impressed by the way my stats are presented in Legend. As a dedicated gym enthusiast, I take pride in my progress, and the app's layout and stat presentation resonate with me."

    Google Play Store

  3. Chris

    "I've been using Legend for a few months now and I'm loving it. It's easy to use and especially useful for figuring out progressive overload."

    Apple App Store

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Workout tracker for athletes serious about strength training. Log reps and weight, track and analyze progress, evolve your routines.