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Legend - Workout Tracker, or simply Legend for short.

Company Name


Year of Incorporation


Country of Origin

South Africa

Founding Team

Rishal Hurbans, Legend Founder, Director at Viszen.
Hennie Brink, Director at Viszen.


Legend is the workout tracker for athletes serious about strength training. Whether you’re body building, power lifting, or focused on all-round strength and endurance, Legend provides routines, keeps track of reps and weight performed during your exercises, and provides the most in-depth analytics on progress - keeping you motivated and guiding decisions for pushing harder, adjusting exercises, and evolving your workouts.

Workouts and logs

• Log workouts, including sets, reps, and weight easily and quickly.

• Browse exercises videos and instructions based on muscle group, equipment, and difficulty.

• Minimum tapping and typing to log the numbers you need to.

• Intelligent autofill for reps and weight to save time logging.

• Keep track of what exercises to do in a workout at a glance.

• Guide reps and weight progression with detailed analytics on past performance as you work out.

• Indicate warm up sets, drop sets, and failure sets.

• Sort exercises in the order that you want to complete them.

• Visually see what muscle groups you’re targeting throughout the app.

Performance analytics

• See overall performance analytics, muscle group analytics, and exercise analytics, including:

• Gains - Percentage of improvement.

• Total sets completed.

• Total reps completed.

• Maximum weight lifted.

• Total weight moved.

• Reps and weight charts.

• Muscle group gains rader chart.

• Total time and distance covered.

• Total workouts completed.

• Heatmap calendar of workouts and status.

• See gains per muscle group through intuitive charts and analytics.

• See gains per exercise through workout comparisons and charts.

• Track your personal bests for exercises and muscle groups.

• Measure improvement and consistency between workouts by comparing side-by-side.


• Supports metric (kg) and imperial (pound) weight units.

• Supports male and female anatomy models.

• Choose your overall default number of sets with intelligent set pre-population.

• Choose to always populate sets with maximum reps and maximum weight.

Routines & Routine library

• Create and evolve routines for repeated groups of exercises.

• Full body and muscle group specific routines.

• Power lifting and iconic routines, like Arnold’s.

• Routines for men and woman.

Routine generator

• Generate workout challenges or experimental routines with challenges generated by AI, based on muscle groups, goals, and time available.


Legend - Workout Tracker on iOS
Legend - Workout Tracker on Android



Social Media Accounts

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/legend.tracker.hq
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/legend.tracker.hq


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